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Pro 2.3 "Input feature class is not registered as versioned"...BUT IT'S A FILE GEODATABASE! AAARRGH!

Question asked by markjones_tps on Mar 15, 2019
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WOW, do I feel like a complete tool. Looks like I can't delete this post so I figured the best way to save face is by providing an update regarding my "supposed" issue.


Turns out the reason I was getting my error is because I was trying to geocode addresses on an empty table, which then produced an empty input class, which I then was trying to calculate geometry on..... =[


So, for anyone else that may come across this issue....actually look at the layer that is giving you the error, rather than, like me, jumping to huge conclusions that the program sucks and it's sole purpose is to ruin your day.


That is all.







Clearly, I am a tad frustrated. =[


After updating to Pro 2.3 I am suddenly unable to to calculate geometry on a File Geodatabase Feature Class because every time I do I receive the error: "Input feature class is not registered as versioned"

I click the handy error link and it takes me to a page that explains how to register your feature class as versioned.....but I don't need it to be! Also, it clearly states that " File geodatabases don't support versioning. " Soooooooo.......


I  have checked the settings in arcgis Pro and do not see anything that allows me to declare that I want to work with Non-Versioned data.


This is really killing me as it has brought to a complete halt a major, daily task, that I need to run.


Any input/guidance is greatly appreciated.