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Workforce assignments

Question asked by hewin.kerr_LGCWC on Mar 13, 2019
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I would like to know if is is possible to autopopulate assignments that are created. Currently I use Survey123 to do data collection, I have added the layer generated from this to my dispatcher map. I then want to use Workforce to create assignments for the mobile workers based on these surveys. I see that the assignment when created prepopulates the location as the title of the pop up of my surveys layer; is it possible to prepopulate other information into the assignment? possibly the description field of the assignment could be filled with the other information from the pop up? (including pictures).


If this is not possible, I know that there is a link between Workforce and Survey123 which allows for the creation of new surveys at the assignment site via the app, could this be maneuvered to instead load the original survey that was used to create the assignment? (which would then load with all the previously collected information).


If that too is not possible, I see that there is an attachment field apart of the assignments, could the survey be somehow attached to the assignment?


Apart from this, I see that it is possible to pass information from workforce to Survey123 such as location and ID. Is it possible to pass the status of an assignment to a survey question?



If these are not currently possibly can you say if these capabilities are being worked on to be implemented and give a time frame?