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Multi-part survey - can it be done.

Question asked by on Mar 13, 2019
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I am new to Survey123, and am looking to build a solution to track the transfer of gravel from various pits to the road segment it was dumped on.


The first stage involves the loader operator supplying some information:

1) Truck name

2) Gravel type

3) Ticket# (hopefully autogenerated by Survey123

4) Source Pit (ideally calculated by location of loader, but I think that is in beta right now)

5) Weight of gravel loaded


Then the truck driver would receive the ticket. The truck driver needs to know the weight, and accept the load. The trucker should not be able to change the information entered by the loader operator.


Finally, the person placing the load of gravel (the checker) needs to supply the road segment the load is placed on. Ideally the road segment would be calculated from the location of the checker, and the check would really just be receiving the load. We would like the actual location of the checker when the load was received as well. The checker should not be able to change the information the load operator entered.


Does this sound like something that can be accomplished without too much pain in Survey123? We have other options including Geocortex, but need to do this as simply as possible.