Edit existing records using Survey123

Discussion created by dan.lindner_FNI on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by JTedrick-esristaff

My workflow is as flows: We have an asset feature class with multiple related tables that are published to AGOL. These are brought into a Webmap, and is accessed using ArcGIS Collector. Field crews will access the feature class of an asset, and edit some of the fields in Collector for ArcGIS. When completed, the field crew will do a site visit. using Collector for ArcGIS, they open the pop-up for that asset, and click on the Begin Survey URL Submission to open the Survey in Survey123. They collect data and submit survey to the feature class and related tables (using repeats in the survey). This in turn creates a new record in the feature class. These 2 records for the same asset are now unrelated.I need a way to tie these 2 together, either by editing the existing record in Survey123 (and NOT creating a new one) or finding a work-around that gets the 2 records tied to eachother so when the hosted feature class is downloaded as a FGDB, all records for that asset are related back to the asset point feature, regardless if it were edited in Collector or Survey123. Is this possible?

thank you