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Importing Data to Survey123 keeping spatial location?  

Question asked by Jason.Herman1 on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Jason.Herman1

I have an excel file with 245 entries from a survey previous done in word. I've made a new survey that covers all the old information and now i'm trying to get those 245 entries into the survey. I've made sure I have matching field names, and all fields in the new survey were added into the EXCEL sheet. I then went and found the lat long for each 245 points. I use those values (decimal degrees) when performing the import (append data right on arcgis online). The data is imported I can see the table but the points aren't located anywhere. When I export and download the data as a shape file and try and open it in Dekstop, Desktop almost immediately crashes. Am I just using the wrong coordinate format when importing. Is there a solution i'm no thinking of?