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Modify mosaic dataset 'NoData' black background

Question asked by sabank on Mar 11, 2019
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I used to build mosaic datasets (MDs) in Desktop 10.3 and have the NoData background managed as transparent by/within the MD.

I recently upgraded to 10.6 and all the MDs have now the NoData background blackened.



- reprocessed the MDs using arctoolbox MD tools (i.e. build footprints, calculate statistics, etc.): failed

- recreated a new MD with original images and properties definition: failed

- did a bit of search online, but not conclusive as why although it is my understanding that a mask is usually created with the MD to manage NoData value

- Most of accessible info point to how to symbolize raster nodata/background value which does not help my case since Symbology>Display Background Value>Display NoData as 'No Color' leaves boundary pixels visible...



Is this a bug in 10.6?

If not a bug, is the MD imagery workflow different in 10.6 than in 10.3?

How to get the background transparent again from within the MD for my map products?


Thank you