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Spatial Join - Identifying the correct polygon to merge with (condo buildings)

Question asked by rspraggSVCE on Mar 11, 2019


I have created an address locator where the reference data is a shapefile of county parcel data. I then geocoded utility service addresses using my custom locator, which worked quite well. However, I am having trouble relating the parcel APN (feature in shapefile) to the geocoded utility address attribute table. I have tried to select the APN as the point address ID and as 'additional field' when making an address locator, but this does not work. The reason I cannot do a simple spatial join is that some condo buildings have four parcel APNs in the same area. I need to select which utility address matches each condo.

The darker shading indicates multiple APNs for a given area (due to multiple floors of condos). Each condo has one or more utility service accounts

I'm assuming that, since the utility addresses are being geocoded to the centroid of each parcel, that I should be able to extract the parcel APN and place it in the resulting geocode output.


Thank you!