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Assistance with interpolation and boundary setting

Question asked by kgoat1 on Mar 12, 2019
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Hi all, I apologize if this message was posted in the wrong board or if it is too specific - just a new user of ArGis feeling quite overwhelmed with what I am trying to do.


Basically I would like to do the following: perform interpolation of values that are scattered across Europe (mainland and islands i.e. Ireland, Iceland), Africa (mainland and islands i.e. Morocco) and Africa. I would like the interpolation to reach only the continental boundaries (i.e. stop at the oceans), and also for interpolation to "go past" the exterior points (i.e. I have data points in the centre of some islands/countries, but I would like the interpolated figures to exceed those and reach the land edge - and I don't have values "further out" from these points).


I have attached an image of something similar to what I would like to achieve - in my case, I want a much broader geographic area.


I am very unfamiliar with this software and file formats. I had hoped that I could have done one of two things to achieve the plot I wanted:

1) Interpolate only to the boundaries of the continents of interest, or

2) Interpolate across the boundaries, but in some way mask the oceans


I had thought the second could be achieved using something like Inkscape, but when I tested a .svg file created from ArcGis, the entire image was in a single layer i.e. I could not remove the oceans. 


I would greatly appreciate any help with this. I have figured out how to upload my csv and run interpolation on the points, but the interpolation stops at the boundries of my data (i.e. does not interpolate past the most extreme points), I cannot figure out how to either set interpolation to go as far the continent boundaries or how to separate oceans and landmass, or even colour them different (preferably grey).