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Using Drone2Map to map an area for ecological studies

Question asked by kaanozg88 on Mar 9, 2019

Hello everyone,

I am planning to use Drone2Map and a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom to obtain 3D point cloud data from a natural site where there are trees, shrubs, open areas and mountains. We cannot afford a LIDAR scan so Drone2Map is our only shot. My questions are:


1) Do you think the point cloud generated will be good enough to distinguish the vegetation present at 0-2m height (shrubs) from the trees (2m and above)? The shrubs sometimes can grow under the canopy (as understory shrubs). Do you think this method is any good for that? 


2) What software should I use on my Android phone to plan the flight and to take photos? And what should be the settings (nadir, oblique etc.)? We are ok with spending days taking drone photos so time and manpower are of no concern.


My ultimate aim is to study and quantify the 3D structure of the vegetation which will in turn be tested statitically to see if it has any effect on diversity, abundance and distribution of some animals.


I am really new to the topic. Thanks in advance.