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Routing for an 8-hour workday

Question asked by beckhamd on Mar 8, 2019
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   I am trying to figure out how to use network analyst to create routes for food inspectors.  There are thousands of facilities within the county that need to be inspected.  We have a database that has all of the facilities in it and lets the inspectors know which facilities are due for inspections.  Each of the inspectors has a zone that they're in charge of, so we don't need to use a vehicle routing problem.  I can pull facilities that are due for a given inspector.  


   Let's say there are about 100 facilities due that an inspector needs to get done in the next month.  I can set time windows and specify how long each stop will take.  However, some stops might take 5 minutes for the inspector to drive to while others might take the inspector over an hour to drive to.  Is there a way to set a route and only include the maximum number of stops that the inspector can make within an 8-hour period, including stop time drive time?


Any help would be much appreciated!