Import Attrbutes from Shape to Network Junctions

Discussion created by s.arndtesri-de-esridist Employee on Feb 25, 2011
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Hi GIS-Community :)

I've a little question about importing the attributes of a shapefile to the junctions of a network dataset.

My initial Situation was that I had 2 shapefiles. The first one has many connected polyline segments. The second one consists of point-features with many attributes. The point features are exactly positioned at the connection-point between 2 line-segments. Every Connection between 2 line segments is covered by a point feature.

Now I built up a network dataset of the line-shapefile (with connectivity, turns, but no driving directions). In this network dataset there are (network-) junctions and they are exactly at the same places like the ones of my point-shapefile. But of course they have other attributes.

Now my question is: How can I join or merge the both attribute tables? Finally I want to have the attributes of the shapefile additionally to them of the junctions - but in the network-junction-table!

I already tried the "join" and "relate" function of the "right-click-menu", but then a completely new shapefile was created. The both attribute tables have no comparable row in the attribute table ... i think the only common fact is, that they have the same position/coordinates.

I would be very happy if somebody could help me :)

Best regards
Stefan Arndt