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ArcGIS Online Administration 19-001 pre-requisite

Question asked by Leandermen on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by jmielke-esristaff



Nice to meet you guys.


I checked the ArcGIS Online Administration 19-001 beta exam and i would like to take the beta exam, but when i tried to schedule my exam it says.



Esri policy requires at least one of the following prerequisite exams must be passed: EADA105, EADE105, EADP105, EEAA105, EGMA105, EGMP105, ESDA105, EADA105B, EADE105B, EADP105B, EEAA105B, EGMA105B, EGMP105B, ESDA105B, EWDA104, EWDA104B, EDDA104, EDDA104B, EADE104, EADE104B, EADE103, EADE103B, EADA103, EADA103B, EADP103, EADP103B, EGMP103, EGMP103B, EGMA103, EGMA103B, ESDA104, ESDA104B, EEAA104, EEAA103, EEAA103B, ESDA103, ESDA103B before exam EAOS19-001B can be taken


It turns out that i passed the only valid exam that it's not present in that list the EEAA104B (Enterprise Administration 10.4 Beta Exam)


What do i have to do in order to take that exam