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How to Add Rasters(from Cloud Storage) to MosaicDataset

Question asked by yangh_china on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by yangh_china

soft version:ArcMap10.6.1 or ArcGIS Pro2.2.4

problem: failed add rasters to mosaicdataset

format:cloud storage(alibaba oss)

image format:*.tif file

operating steps:
1. Open tool DataManagement Tools->Workspace->CreateCloudStorageConnectionFile
2. input parameters and created it successfully
3. create a MosaicDataset in default.gdb,choose your spatialReference
4.choos your MosaicDataset and add rasters to it
Whether you choose  file or  folder option,input source(path=acs file+folder name/file name)
5.Unfortunately, it failed.

6.this is my aliyun oss bucket 

7. In ArcGIS Pro,I can only add acs file,but it does't help.(I think it's a bug in ArcGIS Pro2.2.4),who can tell me how to add cloudstorage raster file to MosaicDataset??


Any help will appreciated,hope to receive your reply!