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Student setup

Question asked by on Mar 5, 2019
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i'm a bit mired in the whole 'user type', 'role' and 'privileges' thing as it concerns students. 


i'm the admin on our account and i'm about to set up students as members on our organization account - i'm planning to add them via a .csv file. 


however, i'm unclear what user type and role to give them. i want them to be able to make their own maps and save/share them. 


i've reviewed the guide called "ArcGISOnlineOrgsForK12Schools.pdf" but it's a bit overwhelming and this is my first time adding students. i am not at a point where i'm ready to get my IT folks on board to create the enterprise/sso option, so i'm just looking for the simplest approach at this point. 


can anyone provide some guidance here? thank you very much.