When a field hides due to Relevant other fields cannot see its value

Discussion created by dougbrowning on Mar 5, 2019
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My purpose is to hide, or not let a user change, a certain value once they start filling out a repeat later in the form.


I have a question before the repeat of Forward or Backward.  This is used in calculations in a repeat.  This works great (was surprised if statements work on a constraint). So If(${field} = Forward, max-min, min-max)


But I want to make sure the user does not go back and change the value of Forward and Backward once they enter anything in the repeat.  I tried added a Relevant of count(${repeatfield}) = 0 and it does disappear once they enter a value in repeatfield.  BUT then all my If statements in the constraints start flipping to the else part instead.  I assume this means the Forward value is somehow hidden from the form once it becomes not relevant?  Is that value then lost?


If this is true any ideas on how to handle this?  I would calc into another field but then that will change values when the relevant goes off right?  I can't use once as they may change it.