Controlling when field validation happens

Discussion created by dougbrowning on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by dougbrowning

My users have been getting pretty confused with field validation.


Most of my forms have several pages with a middle page having a repeat.  If a user enters a bad value in a repeat and tries to add a repeat they are stopped right away.  This makes sense to them.


But if I have an error on page 1 the form waits all the way until I hit the submit button before it gives an error.  This is sometimes 5 pages back.   This means a user hitting submit on page 5 has to tap back through to page 1, fix, then submit again.  Plus it does not go to the field or even page with the error.  So the user is having to go back page by page trying to find the field to fix.  With 100s of fields this gets frustrating.


It can also cause problems using that field later in the form since it is invalid the whole time.


Is it possible to have the field validation occur at the page level?  That would make so much more sense workflow wise I think.  An option on when to do validation would be even better.  I could see a global setting such as Field, Page, or Submit or a field by field level setting.