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Custom StreetMaps Premium HELP!

Question asked by haybrad on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by SDEjuliasobczak

Hey everyone,


I've spent the last few days trying to figure out an issue i'm running in to and for the life of me can't understand it. My goal is to build custom Access Roads in to the Custom Road Network. I am building them to Water Pads as my locations, and using the the "OD Cost Matrix Tool" to generate water hauler times in min (Pad to Pad matrix). I have been digitizing access roads and filling in 3 key attributes needed (Truck KPH, FT_TF KPH and whether the roads are paved or not). TF is to/from and kph is kilometer per hour. I'm over 300 roads in and this is the only problem I have stumbled across. Every time I digitize this one segment, build the network with no errors, and run the OD Cost matrix tool, it wipes out that One Pad completely from my "Trucking Time" results. That's equivalent to 600+ results since it's a Pad to Pad Matrix. My thought is it has something to do with elevation possibly, but that's only because I watched a youtube video and heard someone mention that as something important. Nothing was detailed. I tried changing the elevation to no avail.


If anyone has any expedience with Custom StreetMaps or ideas please don't hesitate to respond, I would greatly appreciate it! I am attaching Screenshots as well. The green lines are the routes provided, and the white lines are Custom streets that I digitized.


Thank You,



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