Python IDLE & file format

Discussion created by ruxandra1973 on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by clm42
I am having problems saving a file as a Python file (.py), for some reason, and even though I choose the option Save as: Python and text files(*.py, *.pyw, *.txt), when I go to the saved file in Windows explorer, it does not have the py file format, and as soon as I save it all the color coding goes away.

Saving a file as a <name>.py is the only way that I found to make it work.

I am also not getting the option to "Edit with IDLE" when I right-click on any .py scripts in Windows Explorer. And also after running a script multiple times, and needing a new Python shell to print my new results to (for screen-shots purposes), the IDLE (python GUI) under All Programs application won't launch anylonger, after giving me 2 error messages saying something about it being disconected, and something about a firewall (I don't recall the exact messages though). This is a little frustrating, so I appreciate any help.