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Unable to Save Contingent Values in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0

Question asked by Brendan2011 on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by doh_mcarberry

I am trying to create a template for vineyard field data collection in Collector.  For efficiency and data integrity sake, I have defined sub types and domains.  I would also like to assign contingent values.  However, for some reason, ArcPro will not let me do so. 

The field save button is not grayed out when I edit fields, subtypes or domains.  I can edit and save in those tabs, no problem.  It also allows me to define the Field Groups and Contingent Values with no error messages.

There is no attribute data currently being edited; the attribute table is empty.

I've restarted the program numerous times with the same result.  The save button is just always greyed out in the contingent values tab, and I am unable to save anything there.


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Thank you so much, any advice is appreciated.