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ArcGIS Online Custom Print - Printing Legend

Question asked by tiffany.tse on Mar 5, 2019

I created a custom print service using ArcPy. It is hosted as GPServer on my test server. The print service uses a JSON configuration file to pull the data from the mxd. The JSON passed from the web application to replace various text elements. However, I am bit stuck on how display the Legend using the JSON passed from the web map. I have a Legend element in my MXD called "Route_Legend".

In this example, I have this json sent to the print service

layout_Options: { 'legendOptions ': { 'operationalLayers': [{ 'id ': 'WV_Base_Route_Webmap_022019_Comments_1982' } ] }, 'copyrightText ': 'County of Los Angeles, Bureau of Land Management, Esri, HERE, Garmin, INCREMENT P, USGS, METI/NASA, EPA, USDA | VENOM', 'scaleBarOptions ': { 'nonMetricUnit': 'esriMiles', 'nonMetricLabel': 'mi ', ' metricUnit ': ' esriKilometers ', 'metricLabel': 'km ' }, 'customTextElements': [{ ' Date ': ' 3 / 5 / 2019, 9: 02: 34 AM' } ], ' authorText ': ' Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS ', ' titleText ': 'TEST '}

My question is How do you pull the legend data into your output? I work with PDFs most of the time. I have done my research online and I didn't find one that uses a JSON configuration file. The JSON configuration file looks like this:

{ "layer_title": "Route_Title", "district_fld": "District", "scenario_fld": "Scenario", "version_fld": "Version", "cis_link_id_fld": "CISLINKID", "map_title_fld": "Map_Title", "out_flds": "District,Scenario,Version,Map_Title,CISLINKID", "title_element_text": "Route Number", "district_element_text": "District", "scenario_element_text": "Scenario: XX", "version_element_text": "Version: XX"}