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What is the step by step procedure of stream burning?

Question asked by godoy.tristan on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by tcolson@nps.gov_nps

What is the step by step procedure of stream burning to get a more accurate basin result of the river that i am analyzing? 


I am trying to get the catchment area of the Polo river in our city (Valenzuela City, Philippines) which is a fairly flat land. The results I am getting with the Fill>FlowDir>Flowacc>Watershed method seem to be not accurate and in the flowacc results, no stream result are in line with my river of study, instead the streams are intersecting through it. I read some in the forums about "burning in the streams" but can't fully understand the steps. 


Im still very new to gis and i really wanted to delineate the basin of my river accurately because i need it for my undergrad research. Can somebody help me please?