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How to printout the current map view?

Question asked by ctownsend16 on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by ctownsend16

I'm trying to add a map printout functionality to my javascript 3.27 based map, and I've got a problem with the print functions. In the print script code there is this:


...... = new esri.Map
          basemap: "topo",
         center: [-102, 54.75],
          zoom: 6,
         slider: false

But I already have other script basically to loop through a map service and show the layers with the map type, coordinates and layers on startup. Then I click print, it defaults to this instead of what's on the screen. I can change the zoom level, basemap map type etc. and it will print out the changes instead of what's showing on the screen.

If I comment this bit out, it doesn't work. Basically I just want the print function to print out what's on the current map screen. How do I do this?