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Simple Directions Widget for WAB

Question asked by smas01 on Mar 3, 2019
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I am using WAB 2.10 and i have a road network and my custom requirement is

  • I do not want to use any travel modes.
  • I do not want time to be used as impedance attribute as i am using length.
  • I do not want Geo-coding or reverse Geo-coding to be used.


When i try to use out of the box directions widgets it gave me errors on time units and it seems that you have to use travel mode with a specific name and even when i created a travel mode this widget was not picking it until unless i give that specific name. I am sending requests to Rest page and it is working fine. When i dig into code i came to knew that this widget is actually creating a JS API directions dijit which limits me in updating code.

Is there any simpler but configurable widget for this ?