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Move raster after georeference not working

Question asked by aparker1969 on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by cbertran

I commonly have to move a referenced raster after the initial georeference.  In ArcGIS Desktop no issues.  ArcGIS Pro the option is greyed out.  Why can't a raster be moved?  Export to raster does no do the trick either.



  1. Create a polygon to correct dimension of well pad shown on survey.
  2. Georeference survey to polygon. Save.
  3. Move georeference raster to center well head shown on survey to a point feature.
  4. Move polygon to recenter on moved raster.


This allows me to align a georeferenced raster and polygon over a offset well point feature.


The work around is to scale and move, and repeat.  Not an efficient workflow.. 


How do you move a georeferenced raster?