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How can occupation of route capacity be improved?

Question asked by deivid.rodriguez6 on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by HMoe-esristaff

Hi Everybody,


I am implementing vrp solve in a company that distributes food in vehicles of various capacities 2ton, 3.5ton, 5 ton , 10 ton etc.


I need to  know the options that the software offers to increase the occupation of the capacity of vehicles (routes), I have read the VRP Solve bibliography, but I couldn´t find a variable that controls this parameter.


The options that I already worked are:


  1. Trial and error tests modifying distance costs and fixedcost according to capacity.
  2. Run a VRP with higher capacity vehicles, then another vrp with the smaller capacity vehicles.


None of the above gave a positive result.  


The software respects time windows, optimizes resources but underutilizes load capacity. An example of this, a vehicle with a capacity of 10 tons dispatches it with deliveries equivalent to 3 tons, a vehicle with a capacity of 3.5 tons dispatches it with 2 tons, etc., for the company that distributes mass consumption products. This is not efficient since the cost of transport per ton rises, even though it respects time windows and other restrictions.


Example: The table on right side represents the results of the vrp, while the table on left side represents the expected results. The goal is to increase the average of %UseCapacity, in this test the costs were zero for all routes.

I would appreciate to your suggestions or study material where there are options to solve this requirement.