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Arcade Expressions and Windows Task Scheduler

Question asked by drewm0520 on Feb 28, 2019
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I have created a web map that utilizes the new FeatureSet functionality to essentially perform spatial analysis between 2 layers and have the result show up in the pop-up widget. I discovered that this same functionality is not available when symbolizing features, so I have written python script that runs the spatial join tool, creates a new layer, creates a join and calculates a field in the web feature layer. The script runs locally and accesses ArcGIS Pro without needing Pro to be open. The script also runs every few minutes using the Windows Task Scheduler so that the web layer is constantly being updated. My question is, can I achieve something similar using Arcade? I believe I should be able to use the FeatureSet function in Pro to do the spatial analysis without creating a new dataset, but can I set up an Arcade script to run tools similar to Python without needing Pro to be open?


Also, I don't have ArcGIS Server or Enterprise so I don't believe I can make use of Attribute Rules to automate field calcs. 




Xander Bakker