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ArcMap Screen Not Refreshing / Redrawing Properly?

Question asked by RenoGregory on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by johnnytascon

Hello, I am just getting started using ArcMap and my screen almost never refreshes properly.


If I make any changes, zoom in or out, pan, etc. the map doesn't update. The only thing that gets it to update is to use the hand tool and wiggle the map slightly and suddenly everything's updated.


The same happens when hitting the redraw button (F5). Only when you wiggle it slightly with the pan tool does it update.


I don't believe this is because my computer is on the slower side. In the corner, it'll say which layers it's redrawing, and it'll go through them pretty quick. But then, the screen never updates with those changes until you wiggle it a bit.


Does anyone know why this might be happening?



ArcGIS Desktop 10.4

Windows 10

1.89 GHz Quad Core