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How to use Station/Panel Data in Space-time cube statistics

Question asked by gis10enj on Feb 28, 2019

I have about 6 boreholes with average separating distance of 60 meters, with water quality data collected in 3 time steps. I was wondering:

1. Can 3 time steps work for a space time cube statistics for panel data or must it be a minimum of 10 time steps?

2. Assuming it meets the time step criterium, i.e, 10 or above time steps, spatially, can 6 boreholes separated in space by a minimum of 60 meters be used correctly for space time analysis stat?



What's the minimum time steps required to run panel data space time cube analysis and visualization?

What's the minimum number of stations and the required spatial contiguity required to for such stations to qualify for space time cube analysis


Any video of Panel/station data space time analysis would be appreciated.