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Extract roof form tool from lidar data errors

Question asked by 3780554_uni_utrecht on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2020 by GvanMaren-esristaff


I want to extract the roof forms of buildings using Lidar data and buildings of Amsterdam.


I followed all the steps of the Esri tutorial for extracting rooftops from Lidar data.


I created a all the elevations layers (DSM, DTM, and nDSM) following all the steps of the tasks.

After running the extract roof form I get an error


The parameters are as following:


- minimum flat roof area: 250

- minimum slope roof area: 75

- minimum roof height: 8

First, after running I got the error 000735 that said that the parameters are invalid.

After playing with the parameters and using other building data I got the error 010423.


Who can help me out?