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ArcGIS Online & Virtual Directory Access

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Feb 27, 2019
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I am having some issues accessing information via my newly created Virtual Directory.  I have created a Virtual Directory in IIS to allow access to videos and reports through ArcGIS Online via popup "More info".

I created and attached screen shots that illustrate the steps that I took to get to this point and am hoping someone may lend some wisdom on where I may have stumbled along the way.


VirtualDirectory1.jpg - screen shot depicting the information I supplied to initially create the virtual directory.

VirtualDirectory2.jpg - screen shot depicting the creation of the SanLinks virtual directory.

VirtualDirectory3.jpg - to test, I changed only one segments path.  The red highlight indicates the record that was edited.

VirtualDirectory4.jpg - screen shot highlights "More info" added to this segment allowing the user to click for the info.

VirtualDirectory5.jpg - screen shot illustrating the result of the "More info" click event.


Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice that you can offer.