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Survey123 - Report Template Error

Question asked by jmckee on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by j.moore-esristaff

I am developing a Survey123 report template and I am getting the following error [Error: Failed to parse "${RMMAL27_Y_type}". Field "${RMMAL27_Y_type}" does not exist or cannot be found in current parsing scope."].


The field exists in my data and I am copying it straight from the provided examples of how to work with the field for a report template.


  • In my customized report template I have the question formatted as:
  1. Has the jurisdiction pre-identified and documented staging areas and points of distribution (POD) locations for receiving and distributing resources?

${RMMAL27 | selected:"y"} Yes



Type Location Name: ${RMMAL27_Y_name}

Type Location Address: ${RMMAL27_Y_address}, ${RMMAL27_Y_city}, ${RMMAL27_Y_zip_}



${RMMAL27 | selected:"n"} No

${RMMAL27_N | selected:"no"} No assistance needed.

${RMMAL27_N | selected:"assist"} The jurisdiction needs technical assistance to develop this plan/protocol and identify staging area and POD locations.

Staging Location Notes: ${RMMAL27_N_notes_stage}

POD Location Notes: ${RMMAL27_N_notes_pod}


  • In the the downloadable template from survey123 the fields are shown as:


Staging and POD Locations (at least 1 of each)


Please select the type of location



Staging & POD Location- Locality



Type Location Name



Type Location Street Address



Type Location City



Type Location Zip Code



Please select the location on the map






  • I'm also getting an error "Error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to parse "${LCAR__2019.ADMIN_FIN40|selected:"100"}".

               But the following field name codes are shown in the options to work with fields

  • 40. What percentage of time does the Coordinator of Emergency Management and/or staff spend devoted to your emergency management program?${ADMIN_FIN40}
    • ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"value of a choice item"} is used for putting a check box beside a choice item.
    • Input:

      ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"100"} 100%

      ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"75"} 75%

      ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"50"} 50%

      ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"25"} 25%

      ${ADMIN_FIN40 | selected:"10"} 10%

            The field has a field length constraint of 3 and has a field type of esriFieldTypeSmallInteger


Any help would be appreciated..