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Orthorectifying Scanned Historical Aerial Imagery in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by Elizabeth.Bazluke_nrcs on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by progis99

I am working with scanned historical imagery (NHAP 1984-87, 600dpi) to georeference, orthorecitify, and mosaic the images into a single shapefile for county data. I have recently acquired the photo index and the associated camera calibration reports. In my previous workflow in ArcMap 10.5, I manually georeferenced the images and created a mosaic in ERDAS Imagine. However, I am transitioning to ArcGIS Pro v2.2 and looking to see if there is a better method of creating the mosaics. 

So far, I am able to georeference the images in ArcPro but can't seem to get the Historical_Imagery_GP_Tools python script ( ) to provide more than one basic "tool". I have been referencing this and it seems like there should be three tools within the toolbox, which I don't see. 

Additionally, I've tried following the ESRI process ( but get stuck making the ortho mapping workspace because I can't seem to find the "Build Frame and Camera Tables Tool" in the Options>All Commands menu. 

I am seriously stuck and am looking for any help.