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ArcArcGIS Maps not showing on desktop.  Same pbix file shows fine on laptop.

Question asked by stuartnewstead on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by stuartnewstead

My ArcGIS Maps for Power BI have stopped displaying on my desktop.  It looks like they are hanging.  The ESRI watermark is there for each map.  The three vertical yellow bars are moving up and down, but the Power BI wheel stops and then disappears, as if it had finished.  I can click on ... and then "Show data" and see the data.  I can't get anywhere when I click on ... and "Edit"


When I open the same pbix files on my laptop (on same LAN), all is fine.


The datasets aren't massive (eg postcode sector data for England)


This started to happen a week or so ago.  In the middle of last week, it seemed to fix itself.  Now it's gone again.


Any suggestions as to what is happening on my desktop and how to stop it from happening?