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WebGISDR taking down our Portal (full/incremental)

Question asked by jweyl on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by JQuinn-esristaff

We have an HA configuration in Windows 2016. Two Portal/Server/DataStore VM's and one for the file server. We have a large Portal (over 2500 users) and when I am trying to run the WebGISDR the resources on the machine we are running the tool from (Primary machine, currently) it s pegging the CPU at %100 and RAM close to %80. This in turn takes down our Portal for my user community and doesn't allow me to get a proper backup. So far the only way I have been successful in getting a backup completed is to plan a maintenance night to do a full backup and then attempt my incremental the days following. This works for a couple of days but then fails for the incremental telling me I will need to run a full backup before I can run an incremental.


My questions:

Can I move the webgisdr to the secondary machine or a different machine that still has the same network path for the backup? For example, when I know the primary is the active Portal, run the webgisdr from the secondary? or the File Server? Ultimately the backup is getting stored in S3 when the transfers are complete, but I haven't had a successful backup in over a week and with our size that makes me nervous from the Esri perspective (we have snapshots in AWS and other backups from the IT side). 


Since this backup issue has started we are getting a few different errors out of the WebGISDR tool as well, like that it can't see the path to the temporary location, or we are getting from ArcGIS Server. I had an open case on the WebGISDR issue, but it was opened under another context, so I am going to contact support to figure out if a new case should be opened.