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Identify the distance between two co-ordinates (Lat and Long) on a polyline

Question asked by kattanareshkumar on Feb 24, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by kattanareshkumar

Good day team


We are trying to calculate the distance between two co-ordinates on a polyline by passing point 1 and point 2 as a parameter by using the following code:


GeometryEngine.DistanceGeodetic(startPoint, endPoint, LinearUnits.Meters, AngularUnits.Degrees, GeodeticCurveType.Geodesic).Distance


The result of the above method is only returning the straight line distance instead of considering curves etc. This really pushing our distance calculation off. Could you please advise the best suitable method for the above purpose.


Thanking you in advance.