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How do you collect line and polygon geometries in ArcGIS Collector?

Question asked by DanielKnecht on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by KDonia-esristaff

I am testing a new way of collecting field gps data. We have always used Trimble, but we are now experimenting with Collector on Android, using an EOS Arrow 100 receiver. I have created a hosted layer of points, lines, and polygons. I am able to collect points just fine. But when I attempt to collect a line or polygon geometry I get various messages including: "missing location", "No valid length", and "No valid area". I don't understand how this could be, given it has no problem recording points in this same location at this same time (and yes the Arrow is still bluetooth connected to the Android device while attempting to collect lines and polygons).

Also I am curious if anyone out there knows how to collect line and polygon geometries using vertices - I haven't seen this as an option in Collector, but I assume there is a way?