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Spinner +/- buttons don't work if spinner is blank

Question asked by colin.campbell_RSPB on Feb 25, 2019
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I've just updated the Survey123 field app to the latest version (3.2.265) and noticed that the +/- buttons on 'spinner' fields no longer work if the field is blank.  They become active again if you type a value into field, but this obviously adds an extra action the user must take and makes the spinner much less useful.  I've older versions of the app on other devices and they work fine (i.e. the buttons work when the field is blank).


Is this a bug or is how spinner fields are intended to work now?


Defaulting the spinners to 0 is a half fix, but in some of our surveys a blank and a zero represent different things (the former representing something that wasn't looked for, the latter being something that was looked for, but not found).


Can the functionality be restored to how it was?  


Many thanks