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can you add a selector that searches a string in a field?

Question asked by aurelies on Feb 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by adailey_slo

My feature service is from a survey where one of the questions is multiple choice, so there are different combinations of answers. 

In Web App Builder I can create a filter based on a search string, so that any of the results with a certain choice pop up. This is great, but I have gotten a complaint that when you click on a chart, it doesn't filter in the map. So I want to use Operations Dashboard, but the Selector options don't work the same as the WAB filter. 


When I try the selector using categories from features, it seems I can only can filter for the one answer that "exclusively" has one response. I tried putting in a filter first, and looking atthe "preview data table" button in the selector configuration, the data table filters correctly, but when I'm in the dashboard, if I click the selector, it only selects the exclusive answer.

With the grouped values, I override the category names, but the filter does not work at all, it lists every different combination of answers, it does not search for the category names.


Is there a way in Operations Dashboard to filter by a search string, just like in Web App builder?