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Relevant Read Only Geopoint

Question asked by Kyle.Kaskie on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Kyle.Kaskie

Is there a way to set a geopoint map to read only base on an answer from a previous question?


   Basically, I have number of know sites where if the user selects the location as a 'known site' form a drop-down, I pulldata to obtain the coordinates and place the geopoint at the known location. If the user is not at a designated site they select their location off of the map.

   This is a web application and the issue occurs when the user selects a known location and scrolls down the screen to the next question. During the scrolling process if they are over the map feature their point is moved with out them intentionally doing so.  If I set a relevancy for the geopoint, the pulldata does not occur and the geopoint is not placed in the correct location.