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Survey123 Crashes with many images on lower power devices

Question asked by elliott.plack on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by elliott.plack

I've got a survey with 365 rows. Many of these rows are a set of similar groups that contain two media::images. The groups are hidden based on relevancy. There are about 65 notes that are empty except for the images.


My iPad Mini 4 cannot handle all the images and crashes on loading the survey. I've tested it on two different iPad Mini 4s. The little circle does not even spin upon tapping the Survey. It just sits there for a few seconds before the full app crashes.


On my iPhone Xs, however, the survey loads just fine (albeit slowly with all of that content).



I've tried reducing the number of images to about 10 and then the survey works just fine on the iPad Mini 4.


What other testing would you suggest? Is there a file size of all the survey images that tends to cause crashes? A max number? I can try different optimization strategies but for the sake of time want to know what is optimal. Additionally, are there any known issues with big forms, lots of content, and crashing?