Adapting GIS Tutorial 3 book for ArcGIS10 to ArcGIS Pro

Discussion created by bnissen_tnstate on Feb 22, 2019
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Hi All, 

GIS Newb here - I am taking a course on Geodatabases that uses GISTutorial Advanced Workbook 3 by David Allen and Jeffery Coffey. I took a previous course in ArcGIS Pro, and I would like to continue to learn on this platform - as it is the future. Does anyone else have experience adapting these tutorials for Pro? I know the new book comes out in a few months, but I'm in the class now so I am stuck with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. specifically I am interested in figuring out how to use the data provided for the course to do the tutorials, especially Tutorial 4. The Pro version won't recognize the data stored in Microsoft Access files and I'm not sure how to work around that.