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Creating and Editing Against a Related Table in Survey123 with a Relationship Based on a non-GUID field

Question asked by BBalisky@RIVCO.ORG on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2019 by rblash

Is it possible to edit against a table that is related to a feature class by a relationship based on a non-GUID field (i.e. Address field)? I have been looking at various questions/resources on GeoNet & other Esri documentation to find the best way to do this but have yet to find a solution.


The main clue I have found is that to create and publish a survey on Survey123 on an existing service that has a relationship (shows up as a related table in Survey123) and to use that survey for editing against a the table, the relationship has to be based only a GUID?


What if I cannot use a GUID? I have one location with multiple permits associated with that one location (related based on an Address field) which I want to fill in questions on Survey123 on each permit record.