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How to change web adaptor name for Portal

Question asked by stsupport on Feb 21, 2019
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I have an installation of ArcGIS Enterprise, Single Server Deployment, federated and with hosting server. It's an upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 and now to 10.6.1, with a lot of Map Service, Web Map and Web Map Application published.
I inherited a configuration with web adaptor for IIS configured with same name for Server and Portal ("/arcgis") that in 10.4 seems was not an issue.
Now I would fix that and install two distinct web adaptor: "/arcgis" for server and "/portal" for Portal, as for 10.6.1 installation guide.


I have done these steps:
1. unregister Web Adaptor from Portal via REST portaladmin interface
2. unregister Web Adaptor from ArcGIS Server via REST admin interface
3. uninstall ArcGIS Web Adaptor for IIS from Windows
4. Install first instance of Web Adaptor in "/arcgis" (same as before) and register with ArcGIS Server
5. Install second instance of Web Adaptor in "/portal" and register with Portal


Then I had to fix an issue where the old url were invoked for generate token to access Map Services, I found it in "\arcgisserver\config-store\security\security-config.json and I manually substituite "/arcgis" with "/portal" and restarted ArcGIS Server.


"portalProperties": {
"portalUrl": "https://<FQDN>/portal",
"privatePortalUrl": "https://<FQDN>:7443/arcgis",
"portalSecretKey": "xxx",
"serverId": "6UDp3Xo8LUVf4XqY",
"serverUrl": "https://<FQDN>/arcgis",
"webgisServerTrustKey": "xxx"


Now Portal seems to works with the new web adaptor name, BUT all Web Mapping Application don't open, they show this error on browser:

Unable to load //FQDN/arcgis/sharing/rest/portals/self?f=json&token=g3xCGAD7L_ZYhx9TM55aBth19FmO_-VqIf3fhPlXfCQxhYyPKaLlVsZNlhcZdxbdyNINwkcN9MIiFwHWxUlUSCkVm5-YBU9UYwVcxr0AK-xVDYYRYHA0sPnRE9-_67d1A-l6OuEoCwdpJK1djPwfYxZbDWVf3qGfspcrdsDNGTr6pWAPA065V2D2khiHcqGJ&dojo.preventCache=1550755853005 status: 500


If I copy and paste that uri with "/portal" instead of "/arcgis" I obtain a right response.


Where can I fix that setting for saved Web Mapping Application?
I'am looking on file system and in the embedded PostgreSQL without success.


Or what is the right way to rename the Portal web adaptor ? thanks.