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WebGISDR - bad backups with long file names can't be deleted.

Question asked by jweyl on Feb 21, 2019

During my configuration of the WebGISDR tool in my Portal HA configuration, I had a few errors and some bad backups where created on the windows file system where I pushed the staging data before it went to S3. Now I have files that I can't delete because the file name is too long for example The parent folder is the data of the bad webgisdr backup. I have contacted support on this but they haven't given me anything and we decided to close the incident because the files are not large and while my good backups are over 80 GB's these are less than 2 GB. I also can't rename them using windows, nor can I rename them at a command prompt.


Is there a way to delete old or bad backups of webgisdr that I am not aware of? 


Configuration is: Windows 2016, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.