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Survey123 website not performing above 1000 features?

Question asked by htouyeras_1 on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by htouyeras_1

Hello Survey123 friends,


Our fieldcrew are hapy with Survey123, and have proudly reached a little over 1,100 points this week.

Problem is, the survey123 website for that survey is not responding well anymore:

   - the "analysis" page takes really long to refresh (but eventually loads - filtering attirbute visibility really helps out).

   - the "data" page does not load at all. Users cannot interact with the data from there at all.


Functionalities specific to (namely, reports!) are not available anymore.


For comparison's sake, we do have other surveys with much fewer points, and they perform as usual - no problem there. The issue really seems to be with the amount of feature, surprisingly.



Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any solution/hope in the pipe?


Many thanks!


With kind regards,