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Best LiDAR system for Pavement Asset Management Company?

Question asked by pvmnt_mgmt on Feb 20, 2019

I am a GIS/technical analyst for a pavement asset management company. I have very little experience with LiDAR, so I am looking for some advice. We are considering integrating a LiDAR or laser-scanning system into our data-collection workflow. Some of our clients require that we measure sidewalk ramps so they can confirm whether or not their current infrastructure is ADA compliant. Right now, our field technicians survey sidewalks on an ATV, and are required to park, dismount, and hand-measure these ramps. We are searching for a system that would allow our technicians to more quickly collect their data, while also lessening the physical strain of collection, so that the resulting LiDAR data may be brought in-house, and the measurements be collected digitally. We are open to both mobile and stationary LiDAR systems, but ultimately our concerns are highly accurate data, and quickness and ease of collection and post-processing.


If you have any particular models in mind of what may help us streamline this process, I would appreciate the recommendation. Thank you!