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Calculating distance between points with terrain

Question asked by mv_kocemba on Feb 19, 2019

Dear all, 


I am currently working on a map regarding distances between GPS points in a steep topography. I would like to take points into account that are at least 50 to 100m apart from each other while regarding the terrain. The basic idea is to create a route connecting all points with each other, but they have to be at least 50 to 100m apart from each other. I figure it is quite easy to do this while not regarding the terrain, but this is about trees within mountains.


I do have a digital elevation model for the terrain, but the resolution is not good enough I am afraid. I have the contour down to 25m (interpolation with the waypoints is not possible). 


Does someone have some advice on how to handle this the most efficient way?


Thank you and kind regards,