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Pro 2.3 many GP tools (PW Intersect, Clip) don't work

Question asked by GabrielFM on Feb 15, 2019
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Maybe too vague of a title.

I upgraded to 2.3 because I was excited at some of the cool features. 


Unfortunately the following GP tools just sit and spin...

Pairwise intersect



Spatial Join


[probably more to be added here as I do other work]

This behavior is new with 2.3. 

I did a squeaky clean install of 2.3 after I noticed issues with the upgrade. 


When I click run..the tool displays "running..." but no messages are displayed and after a half hour to intersect a few polygons and about 100 points there's still no progress. 

Clicking stop doesn't stop the tool. It just says "Canceling..." and sits there. 

Clicking the window close X doesn't close the program. I must go into task manager to kill it.