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How do I get the full list of tools in ArcToolbox?

Question asked by cheesypoofs_ on Feb 17, 2019
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I'm using ArcMap 10.3.1 and somehow my ArcToolbox went from a long list of tools to a short list of tools.  About three or four weeks ago, I found a webpage through google which had some simple steps to follow and it restored ArcToolbox to the full length list.  It's happened again and now I can't find the webpage with the step-by-step instructions! 


I didn't bookmark the page at the time because after finding it once, I thought I could easily find it again.  I could be mixing this up something else but it may have involved Customize Mode, popping up the Context menu and selecting "Geoprocessing Task Context Menu" somewhere in the instructions.  I rebooted my system several times, unchecked and rechecked the Extensions, cleared my cache, all to no avail.


Attached is what my list looks like currently and what I'd like it to look like.


Suggestions are welcome.  I just spent three hours trying to find the webpage with the instructions.  This time I'm bookmarking the page.  Many thanks!