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Geo code Table to layer

Question asked by Marianneha on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by MarkShymanski

I have a layer (datatype: Feature Service Feature Class, Gemetry type: Polygon) with shape__Area and Shape__Length which shows 8 different areas. I want to look at the change in annual income for shopping malls within the different areas. I have a table that I have imported from Excel (Excel to table) that shows change in income for shopping malls within the different areas. I have then "joined and related" these two, so now the table have the same  shape__Area and Shape__Length. It shows annual income for different types of cosumer goods (food, clothes etc) so the shape__Area and Shape__Length is repeted.


The problem is: I will make this table to a map layer (?) because I am gonna use this to make a dashboard and I therefore need the income data to relate to the different areas. How do I geocode (or something...?) shape__Area and Shape__Length to XY or something I can use to connect to the different areas?